Northern Artists mourn Mowzey Radio

 Northern Artists mourn  Mowzey Radio
 Northern Artists mourn  Mowzey Radio

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When Benjamin Franklin(1706-90), a leading figure of early American history and statesman once remarked, “Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75” he was referring to those who at a young age pass on and leave an everlasting legacy.

In 2015, when Emmanuel Mayanja Hummertone (R.I.P) commonly known as AK47 died under mysterious circumstance in a bar, social media was awash with eulogies describing Ak47 as a peaceful young talented artist.

Radio Presenter and Comedian Arthur Nkusi described AK47 as a peaceful young man.

“He avoided scandals and always worked towards uniting his brothers” remarked the former Big Brother Contestant.

This morning, the management of Case Hospital announced the passing of Moses Ssekibogo, best known as Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew who diedThursday morning.

It’s alleged that the deceased Radio was beaten into coma following a fight at De Bar, a local hang-out spot in Entebbe town on Monday 22nd, January this year

So far five people have arrested to help police with their investigations into the beating of Ugandan musician last week.

Similarly, northern Uganda music while mourning Radio described him as a young most talented vocalist and inspirational character in Uganda’s music industry.

When a Northern Era reporter spoke to Maria A of Maria A Management, she said she is very devastated with Radio’s death. “Radio was my most favorite vocalist. I will miss his unique vocals in music.Radio has been a very calm and peaceful artist,” she said.

“Last year, while presenting at Smiling Panda Bar in Gulu, his colleague Weasel complained about the music system and refused to perform but he convinced him to perform so as not to disappoint their fans” mourned Maria A.

Another female artist, Pretty B of record label Pine Avenue 5, described the deceased as one of the most inspirational artist of their time who will be dearly missed.

“As artists, we need to be mindful of our celebrity lifestyle”. She said

BSG Labongo said, “As artist from northern Uganda, Radio loved us besides inspiring us mentored us citing an example of a collaboration song Amari that he did with one of Gulu’s dance hall artist Sean Simple that is getting a lot of airplay,” he added.

 Mr Labongo, however cautioned that there is a lot as local artists that they can learn from Radio’s unfortunate circumstance. “We need to have self-control and respect for one another”

 Mr Allan Smokie, of Afterflamz records said,”this is more than just the fight. Its important that adequate security is offered at every social place to protect life especially in the hospitality business.

 Mr Smokie cited the demise of young talented artist like AK 47, Producer and song Writer Dan Kumapesa and now Radio

He said people may think it’s about the fight, bouncers must act and protect people.

Senior artist Obol Simpleman , regretted the demise of a great inspirational vocalist and entertainer.

He urged that those in the entertainment industry must regulate their level of substance abuse which is bringing down the music industry.

He urged local artist from the north to desist from naturing personal vendetta but keep united if they are to progress in the industry. End

Other artists that have passed on are Emmanuel Mayanja Hummertone (R.I.P) commonly known as AK47 in 2015.

 He died under mysterious circumstance in a bar

 Another artist and producer Danz Kumapeesa , his real name Dan Mukisa, was beaten  by unknown goons ad died a few days later at Nsambya Hospital in October last year.