Infrastructural development of st. janani loum memorial site delayed

Infrastructural development of st. janani loum memorial site delayed

By Eden Mic


The infrastructural development of St Janani Loum memorial site at Wiigweng village, Mucwini Sub County, kitgum district, is expected to start before next year’s anniversary, the chairman organizing committee of this year’s celebrations, Jackson Omona has said.


The masterplan for the development of the memorial site was unveiled during last year’s celebrations.


Omona, who is also the LCV of Kitgum district told Northern Era that work on developing the site should have started already, but the technical team working on the artistic impression of the site are yet to complete.


“Development of the site should have been launched during this year’s anniversary, but it can’t be, because the artistic impression of the site is not yet complete,” Omona said.


Among the proposed infrastructural developments at the memorial site are; a tomb, a modern church, prayer arena, a secondary school and a community resource center. Omona revealed that there is already a volunteer willing to partner with the Church of Uganda, to build a modern church at the site.


The country today venerates the St.Janani Luwum Day, specially marked to remember the life of the church leader who was killed by operatives of the Amin regime on 16 February 1977.


The theme of this year’s celebration is taken from the book of Isaiah 43: 18-19 which says; “Behold, I am making a new thing.”


“The theme is aimed at instilling the spirit of reflection and reconciliation among the Christians and community members, who are recovering from two decades of the LRA, war,” Omona said.


“We are no longer mourning Janani, but celebrating the life of our martyr,” he added.


Omona said more than 5,000 Christians from different walks of life are expected to be at Wii-gweng, to celebrate the day. St. Janani Loum was buried at his ancestral home in Wii-Gweng Village in Mucwini Sub County, Kitgum district in 1977, after he was killed by either former President Idi Amin personally or by Amin's henchmen, for criticizing the excesses of Idi Amin’s regime that assumed power in 1971.


Before he was murdered, Archbishop Luwum personally delivered a note of protest to Amin against the policies of arbitrary killings and unexplained disappearances of civilians and soldiers. Shortly afterwards, the Archbishop and other leading churchmen were accused of treason.


He was accused of being an agent of the exiled former president Milton Obote, and for planning to stage a coup.


The next day, Radio Uganda announced that he and three others had been killed in an accident. Luwum was the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda from 1974 to 1977 and one of the most influential leaders of church in Africa.


At the time of his death, Archbishop Luwum was the Archbishop of Uganda, Zaire (DR Congo), Rwanda and Burundi.


In 2015, President Yoweri Museveni declared February 16, the day that Janani Loum was killed as a public holiday in Uganda named as St. Janani Luwum day.