I Am Not Afraid To Join Another Political Party - Gen Muntu

By Denis Otim


Gen Mugisha Muntu, the former Forum for Democratic Change, FDC, party President, has said he would join any other political party, if he doesn’t strike a fair deal with the party leaders in FDC.

“I am not afraid to join any new formation if…it is the right direction to take. I will not be afraid to engage in any new formation,” Gen Munti said.

Gen Muntu said there is no harm in moving out of a formation where the members cannot resolve outstanding contradictions.

“If we are unable to resolve the contradictions, it would mean that we shall move in another five years of intense contradiction that would cause paralysis in the leaders and the party its self; and I wouldn’t want to be a part of that,” Gen Muntu said.

Gen Muntu made the remarks while responding to questions from some FDC party members during his consultative meeting that attracted handful of members from different political parties and civil society actors at Gulu Council Hall on Wednesday.

Muntu revealed that for the five years he was president of the FDC, he failed to harmonize the party that was torn between defiance and institution building approaches.

Munta suggested that an honest discussion would be a key approach in settling the dust in the FDC party house.

“If these issues are not effectively resolved, it paralyzes party leadership, or the party itself.”

“If the party is paralyzed you neither build capability on the defiance side nor build effectiveness on party development,” he said.

He however noted that his country-wide consultative meeting is not in any way intended to conflict with the leadership of FDC party President, Patrick Amuriat Oboit’s leadership.

Gen Muntu lost the presidency to Amuriat in the November 2017 polls, and since then, there have been speculations that he is on the verge of quitting FDC to form his own party.

Gulu District Chairperson Martin Ojara Mapenduzi blamed the current FDC leadership for turning their guns against Gen Muntu, and inciting the party members against attending his consultations.

“This consultation is important for FDC party; this will help us to understand the direction in which we are moving and the rot in the house,” Mapenduzi said.

Morris Odong, a member of the FDC, also the Deputy Speaker Gulu Municipal Council however said there is need to change tactics of mobilizing locals to protest in streets to more developmental approaches.

“Going to streets and causing problems is not a solution and will not be a solution. We need to invest heavily in building the party and the country if we are to achieve our goals,” he said.