Acholi players complain about fufa renting a lodge instead of an hotel

Acholi players complain about fufa renting a lodge instead of an hotel

LIRA. Does Uganda Football under Federation of Uganda Football Association(FUFA) have a standard recommendation for hotel and hospitality services for its players?

Acholi Province football players last night slept in a brothel like lodge in Lira rented by a Fufa representative as the boys prepare to start The Drum, a football tournament organized by Fufa.

Fufa divided Uganda into 16 provinces for a football tournament that started this weekend.Ironically,this tornament is expected to get back the interest of Ugandans in the game.

Acholi Province plays Lango Province in their first game today at Lira sports ground and Buganda play  in Gulu come March 17th ,2018.

Northern Era reporter talked to players and officials of Acholi Province who expressed frustration that FUFA is treating them unfairly hence frustrating their efforts.

Besides being booked in a brothel like lodge that didn't have towels, chairs and a pathetic hygiene condition not worthy of a national program; players even shared a 3 by 6 small size beds.

The officials had no conference room to hold board room football discussions to plan the game and mentally prep the players.

Speaking to one of the Acholi Probvince Officials who had been earlier delegated the responsibility to travel in advance and prepare for the arrival of the team; Tinkamanyire Richard, the General Secretary of Acholi Province team said, he arrived by 2:00pm and as expected by FUFA rules the host province is expected to welcome the visiting team but no one was present to welcome him.His telephone calls were not picked.

In the presence of another FUFA delegate  Charles Binua of Kitgum constituency, they called the CEO of Northern Region and FUFA   Secretary for Lango Province,Otidi Morris but he failed to pick their calls.

Charles then decided to manually look for Otidi in Lira town and found him at the playground where the host district was having its training.


Northern Era reporter spoke to some players and officials on why they boycotted the food.Former KCC Captain Okot Denis (Jjemba Jjemba) expressed real disgust at the situation in the camp. He said,"Someone mustbe intentionally ruining FUFA's image by being exceeding irresponsible.FUFA can not hire such a place.The Players boycotted the food because it tastes too terrible and not warm." He hopes that match officials offer a honest report to FUFA on their condition so that this practice does not continue. Jjemba Jjemba also wondered why West Nile players would be hosted in a Hotel in Moroto and they are hosted in such a lodge where players have to share beds.

Northern Era confirmed that players had dinner after 10:30 pm and slept late.

Acholi Province Coach Akena Geoffrey said he was dismayed by this level of mismanagement that made his players last night almost riot. Fortunately, they listened to the officials and agreed to focus on the tasks ahead.

On the management of funding, Coach Geoffrey hopes if the FUFA representative can not trust them with with FUFA funds for his team then he should keep with them through out the pocess to make payments.

When Northern Era called FUFA representative Sadam Bulega, he asked to speak to the players and officials before getting back to our reporter. By press time he had not called back yet. Our reporter can also confirm that by 10:00am Sunday 25th,2018 FUFA had not yet given Acholi Province Officials money for breakfast and lunch yet players had to have a early morning training and report for verification of their documents by 2:00pm. One wonders at what time the players were to have breakfast and lunch before the game that is scheduled to begin at 4:00pm


During the pre-match meeting which took place beyond 10:00pm the Acholi Province officials were further frustrated when offered uniforms with colours different from what they recommended to FUFA on their request; neither did it have the Acholi inspirational Logo.

The mood of the players is so funky despite this anomalise, the players have promised to die alittle to restore back the Acholi pride.