Amuru gets 200 million-shilling classroom blocks

Amuru gets 200 million-shilling classroom blocks

By Denis Otim



Poor learning facilities, remoteness and poverty have been blamed for poor enrollment and performance in most schools in Amuru district.

To counter these challenges, Omer Farming Ltd in partnership with Classroom for Africa, is constructing class room blocks worth shs 250 million at Lajalula Primary School, in Amuru sub-county, Amuru district.

Lajalula is among the most isolated community schools in the district, with an enrollment of 200 pupils, studying in run-down structures.

On Monday, Chief Executive Officer Omer Farming Ltd, Peter Shuurs commissioned three classroom blocks in the first phase of the project
 at the school.


Shuurs explained that the project is designed to increase equity, and improve the standard of education within poor communities for a better future.

The Woman MP for Amuru district, Lucy Akello, applauded Omer Farming Ltd, for their contribution in transforming the education sector in Amuru.

“This is a good stride that will surely help our children in the impoverished rural
community to equitably compete with their urban counterparts,” Akello said.

However, Akello appealed to the government to take up the management of some of the community schools in the district.

The District Education Officer, Joyce Lanyero, said community schools are greatly helping to shape education of children in poor and hard communities, but their management has been a challenge since they are not coded as government schools.

Lanyero said the district is striving to ensure that at least 25 percent of the learners pass in first grade in PLE by 2021.

She revealed that the failure rate in the district dropped from 13.5 percent in 2016, to 8.3 in 2017; signaling success in their efforts.