Agago Locals Offer Land to Host South Sudanese Refugees

Agago Locals Offer Land to Host South Sudanese Refugees

By Denis Otim



Local communities in Agago district in Northern Uganda have offered land measuring about 40 square Kilometers to establish a settlement camp for South Sudanese refugees, who continue to flee into Uganda daily.


The land located in Kworiken village, Paimol Sub County is expected to host 200,000 refugees, according to the Agago District Vice Chairperson, Ocana Morris.


Ocana told Northern Era that the land that was offered by 15 clans in the parishes of Mutu and Ngora parishes, will offer employment opportunities and market for the host communities, hence, improving their livelihood.


“We have seen great development happening to communities hosting refugees within Northern Uganda. We would like the same developments and benefits for our people,” Ocana said.


Ocana stated that the land offered to the refugees is very fertile, and would boost their crop production.

Titus Jogo, the refugee desk officer at OPM in Adjumani, revealed that the first team from OPM was sent to the area early this week, to verify if the land is good for settlement.


Jogo however said they are still waiting for proper documentation, which includes paper works on agreements between the OPM and the community members before embarking on construction of settlements.


“Once the agreements are clearly spelt out, experts will be sent to assess the topography of the land, water level, susceptibility to floods, fertility and the carrying capacity,” Jogo said.


More than 400,000 refugees from South Sudan are currently resettled in Adjumani, Moyo and Lamwo districts.


Another 40,000 are settled in Palabek Kal, Palabek Ogili and Palabek Gem settlement camps, with 800-1,000 entering weekly from Imatong, according to statistics from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM).


Uganda currently hosts about 1.4 million refugees and asylum seekers of whom over 1 million refugees are from South Sudan settled within Northern Uganda.